Don't let good work go unpaid.

Choose the resolution option that’s right for you.

Finding a resolution thats right for you

Multiple resolultion options

Use the Debt Placement Notice for early resolution or list directly to our marketplace of Collection Partners.

Any sized amount

List unpaid debts from as little as $500 up to large enterprise level debt.

Flexible Fee Structures

Pay your Collection Partner on a ‘Commission Only’ structure, a ‘Fixed Price’ structure; or agree on a Fee Estimate that’s right for you.

The choice is yours.

How does it work?

Choose to send a Debt Placement Notice (DPN), or list directly to the marketplace

Choosing the DPN will mean we contact your customer directly and give them a final 7 days to resolve their unpaid account with you. We explain the consequences of non-payment and the steps which will follow.

Your listing will automatically list to the marketplace of registered, trusted and proven Collection Partners if your debt remains unresolved.

Alternatively, choose to list directly to the marketplace for free.

Select a Collection Partner and let them do the heavy lifting

Once listed, review offers from our network of verified Collection Partners and choose a collection process that’s right for you.

Get Paid

Debt Placement Notice

Our team of experts developed the Debt Placement Notice (DPN) through years of experience working with businesses who have unpaid bills.

Debtplacer takes a pragmatic approach to encourage fast resolution through detailing the consequences of non-payment for debtors and steps that will follow if debts remain unpaid.

How it works

We send a formal notice on your behalf by SMS, email and post, advising your customer that their unpaid invoices have been registered with Debtplacer and if unresolved will be listed to our marketplace and recorded in our database. 

Debt placement notice benefits
Choose a listing type in the Debtplacer app

Post your debt. Hassle-free.

Creating a listing has been streamlined to allow you to focus on what’s important, running your business.


We guide you through each simple step to streamline the process and maximise your return.

Peace of Mind

When you list your debt with Debtplacer, you can rest easy knowing that your details will remain anonymous until you have selected a Collection Partner that’s right for you.

Safe and Secure

Debtplacer is a community that values your trust and safety as our number one priority. Rest assured, we take the sensitivity of your business dealings seriously.

Verified Network

List your unpaid debts with confidence, knowing that Debtplacer’s Collection Partners have been subjected to our rigorous screening approval process.

You can live chat with our Collection Partners to ask questions, share feedback and get updates on the progress of your collection.

Secure Document Upload

All of your business information and sensitive documents are stored securely on our servers.

Documents can only be viewed once you have selected one of our trusted Collection Partners.

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