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Benefits of contingent debt collection

Contingent debt collection is a method of collecting unpaid debts in which a collection agency only receives payment if they are successful in collecting the debt. This type of collection can be beneficial for both businesses and consumers. One of the main benefits of...

Debt collection for self storage businesses

Self-storage businesses rely on timely payments from their customers to maintain their operations and continue to provide valuable storage solutions. However, sometimes customers fall behind on their payments, and self-storage businesses are left to handle the task of...

Best practice methods for collecting overdue debts

Collecting overdue debts can be a challenging task, but there are several best practice methods that can help increase the chances of success. Be proactive: The earlier you start the collection process, the better your chances of success. If you notice that a payment...

Debtplacer Featured in the Financial Review

Debtplacer Featured in the Financial Review

Debtplacer’s published analysis of the Australian Government’s Payment Times Register has been featured in the Financial Review. In the wake of some much-publicised collapses, we focused on the construction industry’s payment practices and how they are affecting smaller SME contractors in the industry.