Debt Placement Notice

Getting paid doesn't have to strain relationships.

That’s why the Debt Placement Notice encourages early debt resolution before needing to engage debt collectors and lawyers.

Fast resolutions

Negotiated outcomes

Peace of mind

Relationships preserved

How it works


Create a listing

Simply enter your customer’s details and the invoices they owe you. 

Upload your supporting documents

Upload copies of your invoices, contract, engagement letter, emails or any other source documents which supports the unpaid debt you are owed.


Pay & Send

When you’re ready, simply submit your Debt Placement Notice and we will take care of the rest.

If your debt doesn’t get resolved within 7 days, it will be automatically placed on the Debtplacer marketplace and the unpaid debt will be recorded against your customer on the Debtplacer register. 

Features & benefits


Formal Notice

The Debt Placement Notice is a formal, but genuine attempt to resolve the unpaid debt without having to resort to engaging debt collectors and lawyers.

To ensure your customer receives this notice, we send the Debt Placement Notice via SMS, email and post.


Strict Timeframes

Gone are the days of frequent extension requests and empty promises.

The Debt Placement Notice provides your customer with an opportunity to resolve the unpaid debt within 7 days. Period. If the debt remains unresolved after this time, the debt is automatically listed on the marketplace and a record is made against your customer on the Debtplacer register. 

Listing Automation

If the Debt Placement Notice expires unresolved, the debt is automatically converted to a marketplace listing.

You will will receive offers from our trusted Collection Partners who will commence formal debt recovery procedures to help get you paid sooner.

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