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Put your best foot forward and submit your best offer. Read the details included in the debt listing, including the supporting documents which have been collated by Debtplacer, and let the client know you understand what’s involved. Tell them why you’re the best Collection Partner for the job.

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Debtplacer is home to Australia’s largest marketplace of unpaid debts, connecting SMEs with a range of Collection Partners.

Streamline your onboarding processes by browsing listings and identifying the available documents.

Simply make an offer to start collecting.


Avoid unnecessary back and forth emails requesting documents that don’t exist.

We have simplified the process of engaging with a client by ensuring all available documents are disclosed with the listing.

Here, the client will also be able to give you the context and background relevant to the listing. 

Debtor Validation

When listings are created on Debtplacer, we ensure that each debtor’s ABN and contact details have been verified with the Australian Business Register.

We steamline a number of validation procedures so that you can focus on what’s important, getting results.

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Debt detail

Client onboarding, made simple.

We appreciate inefficiencies caused by incorrect invoice details and unnecessary back and forth emails requesting supporting documents.

Recognising this, Debtplacer is the marketplace solution, ensuring that placers details are validated, invoice details are particularised and that supporting documentation can be downloaded with ease.

Client Validation

When listings are created on Debtplacer, we also ensure that each client’s ABN and contact details have been verified with the Australian Business Register.

Our validation procedures allow you to seamlessly extract client details and import the details into your systems.

Secure Document Download

When placers create a listing, all supporting documents relevant to the listing are attached and stored securely with Debtplacer.

Once a job has been awarded, these documents can then be downloaded.

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