Building & Construction

Dealing with clients who don't pay

Businesses in the building and construction industry are regularly effected by clients who don’t pay their invoices.

Months of hard work, materials and other consumables put into a job can instantly go down the drain when overdue invoices are left sitting on the shelf for too long.

For many business owners, the process of collecting these overdue debts and knowing where to turn can be stressful and often, these invoices get put in the too hard basket until it’s too late.

At Debtplacer, we simplify how overdue invoices get paid.

Fast resolutions

Negotiated outcomes

Peace of mind

Relationships preserved

How it works


List your invoices

Simply enter your customer’s details and list out the unpaid invoices.

Upload your supporting documents

Upload copies of your invoices, contract, engagement letter, emails or any other source documents which supports the unpaid debt you are owed.



When you’re ready, submit your unpaid invoices and instantly receive offers from a network of trusted Collection Partners.

Features & benefits

Verified Network

List your unpaid debts with confidence, knowing that Debtplacer’s Collection Partners have been subjected to our rigorous screening approval process.

You can live chat with our Collection Partners to ask questions, share feedback and get updates on the progress of your collection.

Secure Document Upload

All of your business information and sensitive documents are stored securely on our servers.

Documents can only be viewed once you have selected one of our trusted Collection Partners.

Remain Anonymous

We respect business owners anonymity.

When you list your debt with Debtplacer, you can rest easy knowing that your details will remain anonymous until you have selected a Collection Partner that’s right for you.

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